Longshot (Butt Stock) Paintjob


Just a sneak peek of my Longshot’s stock Paint Job. My LS should be painted in this colour scheme:)

PETG Breech Retaliator


Completed modding my PETG Breech Retaliator. It’s a quick and simple mod which converts the retaliator from shooting full length darts to stefan darts.

My PETG Breech retaliator is using the ‘china kit’ inside.It also uses minimal materials.
I only used 2 small stubs of Brass(1/2 and 17/32),and a tiny stub of PETG for the breech.
As for the Barrel,I used PETG,13mm UPVC,15mm UPVC,and etape.

I’ll make a video about this PETG Breech Retaliator in the future. And maybe even a mod tutorial. So stay tuned!:-)

Update 2: L.S-S.A

PETG BREECH LONGSHOT 2Hey guys, I mentioned on my Facebook previously that I am considering on deleting this blog. But due to some readers objecting, I think it’ll be best not to! :) I’ll not be posting on here much but I’ll try my best to do so whenever I modify a blaster.

Anyway, project L.S-S.A update time!

I’ve finally  completed the breech and it is working pretty well. The seal lasts for about 10 seconds MAX. I might try to improve the seal if the range is not to my liking. The breech is not the smoothest,but is acceptable.
I have not reinforced the bolt sled, thus need to two-hand prime the blaster in order to ensure that the bolt sled last longer. I’ll be getting an Xplorer Longshot Grip which will solve the problem :) With that said, I’ll drop the Recon Longshot Grip integration. I will get someone to commission me the Longshot Bolt Sled Reinforcement because I do not have the necessary tools and materials to do so myself.
I have yet to do a range test of this blaster but it seems powerful. It’s modded to only shoot Stefan darts, though full length darts can be used too if you load it straight into the barrel. I took less than 5 hours to complete the entire mod and did not face many problems,so the mod was rather smooth. I did not really make any exact measurements for this mod, neither did I follow any tutorial specifically, so the mod was pretty much trial and error.I did watch pSyk’s video on his PETG breech Longshot for some reference though,so thanks pSyk. for posting da video! :)


PETG nested in 13mm UPVC

15/32 brass nested in 1/2 brass nested in 17/32 brass nested in the stock breech. There is PETG over the 17/32 brass to ensure that there is a seal when the breech enters the barrel.

More pictures whenever I’m free :) Can’t wait to war with this baby. And now, to make more Stefans!


Tutorial: Homemade Mitre Box (For Darts Smithing)

DSC01913Hey guys,sorry for the lack of posts! The same old excuse-I’ve been really busy. Anyway,today I’ll be doing my first tutorial.This post will guide you on how to make a mitre box for dart smiting.
Some of you might be wondering what is a ‘mitre box’ and ‘dart smiting’.
Definition of those two terms in the NIC context…
Mitre Box: A tool which helps to cut you cut foam blanks in regular sizes.

Dart Smithing: The process of making darts on your own.

Making this Mitre Box is really easy and cheap.In my version of the Mitre Box,you will need the following materials:

-A portion of a ruler,10 cm. (I advice you guys to use a rubber cutting board)

-Two stubs of PETG tubes.Each stub must be 1.5 inch or 3 cm long.

-Hot Glue


Step 1:

Hotglue the first stub of PETG onto the base of your choice(for me,I used a broken ruler as it was the most ideal material I could fine on my work table).

Step 2: The next step is the exact repetition of the first.You hotglue your second stub of PETG onto the ruler,next to the first stub.Do remember to leave a small gap in-between the stubs of PETG.This gap is where you will slice your foam.
If the knife you’re using is thick,adjust the gap bigger till it fits perfectly.Also,as you glue your second PETG into place,make sure it lines up with the first PETG properly.
Guess what? You’re done!


This is the gap.




How it works:

If you want to cut a full length dart,cut at the end of the PETG.
If you want to cut a Stefan length dart,cut where the gap is.DSC01918


Foam blanks…Foam blanks everywhere!

My knife isn’t exactly good,so the cuts aren’t accurate.But you’ll get something like above! :D

Thanks for reading this tutorial.I hope you’ve learned something new.If there’s any way I can improve on my tutorials,do tell me.Thank you! :)

Modified Nitefinder

My Modified Nitefinder.I’ll be posting a write up on this when I’m free, on this blog.So guys,stay tuned! :)

Review: PAK Design’s 25 Dart Assembly Tray

Hi guys! Today I’ll be doing a review on a product from Pak Design’s.(FYI:This is my first review on this blog).I got this from Hanzo.This product is called the:Bob’s 25 dart assembly tray .It is a dart holder,to hold your darts when you’re dart smiting.This is listed as SGD$5 on Pak Design’s website.


The Dart assembly tray comes very nicely packaged.Picture above.



Contents inside the package:

-4 x Long Nuts

-8 x Bolts

-2 Clear Acrylic Sheets[One base,One Top]
DSC01849 DSC01851



Step 1


DSC01860 DSC01865

After you’ve completed  Step 1 and 2,this should be you’ll get.You then continue by putting the top piece of acrylic on above the four long nuts,and screw in the bolts in.


Step 3


Once those 3 steps,this should be your results!I really like the bottom piece of acrylic,I think the Pak D logo looks really cool.Also,I feel that the 25 dart assembly tray looks really nice-because it’s clear,it reminds me of apparatus from the lab.

It holds both full length darts and stefan sized darts.However,Stefan sized darts are not able to fit all the way down.Thus will be ‘hanging in mid air’.

Pak Design foam will sit in the slots snugly.The original streamline darts and Elite darts on the other hand,have a loose fit.This isn’t a problem though,because I do not mod streamlines/elites-so I do not see myself using them on this tray.

The tray holds 25 darts.I feel that being able to hold 25 darts is acceptable.

-Looks Cool


-Holds a decent amount of darts

-Holds Pak D darts snugly


-Nothing at the moment.


All in all,I recommend this if you’re going to dart smith.It’ll make your job easier and tidier.I do not regret getting this at all.


Modded Materials/Update for Project L.S-S.A/Update Modded Nitefinder

Mod Materials that I bought from Hanzo

Mod Materials that I bought from Hanzo

Last evening,I met up with Hanzo,from the NerfSG forums,as I bought some things from him.The things are all in the picture above.Most of these materials are for two projects I’m working on right now.So these are the things I bought…

-10 meters of foam

-200 1 gram blue sili tips

-4 ‘Bob’s clip’

-1 Pak Design Dart Assembly Tray

-1 LS Mod Package

-2 meters of 13mm UPVC

-1 ft of 15mm UPVC

-4ft of PETG

-1 Recon Shell

-Longstrike Barrel

-NF O rings

-Coupler Joint

-Modded Raider

Big thank you to Hanzo for the materials!

Alright,now for the Update of Project L.S-S.A. Now that I have finally got my materials,I can start on this project.Before you continue reading on,you might want to read my previous two post on this project ‘Introducing My Modified Longshot’ and ‘Update 1: PROJECT L.S-S.A’
Okay… being inspired my pSyk’s “Cause I can” ,I’ve decided to make my Longshot something like his,but with my own twist.
I’ll be attempting to do a similar pump action grip,by integrating a Recon at the bi-pod area.Instead of using metal,like how pSyk did,i’ll be using UPVC.This because the metal bars apparently,aren’t available at Daiso anymore.
I’ll also be attempting LED lights into the Longshot. Prefably near the barrel area,to make the PETG light up(I don’t know if this will work,but I’ll try! :D ).
I think I’ll will face A LOT of challenges and difficulties for this mod.However,I’ll try my best to complete it in the best possible way I can!

So to sum things up,here are the mods I’ll be doing:

-PETG Breech[Challenging!]

-AR Removal

-Spring Replacement


-Jam Door Removed

-Air Release Hole Sealed

-LED Lights

-Recon integration at Bi-Pod area

-’Shot gun’ style grip

-Strongarm Integrated to a Longstrike Barrel

-Paint job

Modded Nitefinder

Modded Nitefinder

Now on to my Nitefinder Update.This will be the final update before I make an actual post about this.You might want to check out my first post on this right….here! I have almost completed modding my Nitefinder,just a little bit more work here and there,and it’ll be done.I’ve already epoxied the Coupler Joint onto the Plunger tube area,and took out the AR.Now I have to work on the seal.The seal is not even close to 80%.It’s really bad,so yeah,need to work on that.I also have to make a barrel of the correct size.This barrel is probably still a bit long. Although I there’s these problems,there still is some good points. This blaster shoots with a really nice ‘PLOCK!’ sound.And the power in it isn’t that bad.I can’t confirm the range yet,but stay tuned,I’ll be making a final post on this once i’m complete.

On a side note,Awesomely Nerf(My main,and stock blog) will be celebrating it’s first anniversary next week,on the 24th of May.I’ll be a special video on my YouTube channel,and will also be posting a special article on my blog.So be sure to check them out when I post them! Thanks for reading,have a nice day… :)

Update 1: PROJECT L.S-S.A

Modified Longshot PETG BreechStrongarm Barrel Integration

Hi guys! Sorry for the lack of post. I’ve been really busy lately because it’s the exam period,and I seriously need to catch up on my studies.So tomorrow is a public holiday,and I thought I should take some time to make a post here and on my main blog Awesomely Nerf.

Back to the main reason of writing this post…

Remember my previous post about my project?(Well,if you don’t,just click here.)This post is my first update on the project.I’ll be calling this project “PROJECT L.S-S.A”.PROJECT L.S-S.A simply means Project Longshot-Strongarm.

The main reason for making this post is to tell ya’ll about my plan on doing the integration. I’ve decided to integrate a Strongarm to the barrel.And from there,attach the barrel to the Longshot. Why am I doing this,you may ask.Simple.If I turn the Strongarm upside down,and integrate it to the Longshot,I’ll face some difficulties putting the entire blaster together->The Longshot internals will be at the right shell,and the Strongarm internals will be at the opposite side,making it a real challenge for me to put the entire blaster together.Also,I thought that it would be better if I integrated the Strongarm to a barrel so that I can remove it and put it back on whenever I feel like doing so.

Which barrel I’m going to be using is still unconfirmed.However,what would be ideal to me,is a Longstrike barrel.If I can’t get a Longstrike barrel,I’ll then go with my second option:A Recon/Retaliator barrel.There isn’t really any reason why I’m choosing the Longstrike barrel.I just find it more suitable for this project.


I’ll be attempting to modify the Longshot to be stefan compatible .I prefer to have only one type of  foam ammunition during a ‘Nerf War’.And in this case,the foam ammunition is Stefans. So before finalizing my decision, I was either going to chose the Rough Cut(probably the most popular blaster ATM for ‘the masterkey mod’),or the Strongarm.

I ended up going with the Strongarm because of the flaws I see in the Rough Cut.The Rough Cut has a complex AR system,which I do not want to mess with when modding.Also,it would be a challenge to load the Stefans into the dart chambers,since darts need to be pushed all the way down into the chambers.  The Strongarm however,does not have a complex AR system.It is priced at a reasonable price,and once modded,will be able to rear load,which is fantastic for loading stefans on the go.The final reason is because the Strongarm has slamfire too.

Thanks for reading my update on my PROJECT L.S-S.A. I hope this mod goes as smooth as I want it to go! Works on this project will commence after my exams. For now,it’s just planning and planning and planning and planning and of course,planning again! :P Hope to see you guys back here soon,have a great day!;)


Introducing My Modified Longshot


Hi guys!Today I’ll be introducing you to my Modified Longshot.It’s still a WIP,and it won’t be completed that soon.Basically cause I’m very…VERY…busy.
There are no pictures,I’m very sorry.However,do check out my video right here.In this video,I show you the LS I’m writing about in this post :)

The picture above shows my Modified Longshot.I bought it over from my friend,who needed to clear space,thus sold it to me for a really cheap price($35,including a Nitron Scope,and two quick reload clips).

He did several mods to this blaster.They were…

-Spring stretched(doesn’t help much/at all)

-Several locks removed

-Bi-pod removed

-Flat black paint job

Were this mods enough for me? No! The Longshot has great modding potential! And to add on to it’s awesomeness,it’s a clip system blaster(FYI:I love CS blasters!).I’ll be attempting to make the Longshot stefan compatible.

The mods I’ll be attempting are the following…

-PETG Breech

-AR Removal

-Reinforcement(Stock and Blot sled[?])

-New Paint Job(Please tell me which colour combination you would like to see)

-Plunger head padding

-Spring Upgrade (14kg Spring)

- Pump action grip (Maybe)

-Masterkey (Maybe) [Please tell me which blaster you would like me to integrate to the bottom of the Longshot]

The mods stated above need materials and quite a lot of time.And sad to say,I have non of them at the moment.Anyways,I done some mods straight away after I’ve recieved this Longshot.

They were…

-All locks removed

-Jam Door removed

-Air release hole sealed

X Shot Stalker Internals

Stalker's Internals

Hey guys.I thought of opening up the X Shot Stalker to share with you guys the internals.So yeah,here are some pictures of it.If you wanna check out my review of this in it’s stock form,click here.

Disclaimer: Modify AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you injure your self or spoil your blaster or toy or whatever,I’m not responsible for it.

The Stalker's main body.All the internals are inside this shell.

The Stalker’s main body.All the internals are inside this shell.

Opening up the Stalker

Opening up the Stalker

Bow Arms

Bow Arms

The Catch

The Catch

Close Up View

Close Up View

Close up of the trigger area

Close up of the trigger area



Plunger Head

Plunger Head

Length of the plunger tube. About 13cm

Length of the plunger tube. About 13cm

Diameter of the plunger tube. About 3cm

Diameter of the plunger tube. About 3cm




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